Wild, squiggly picture

You can change and twist your picture in different, fanciful ways, like in the reflection of a curved mirror.
Design unique animal-vehicle.

Design your own unique animal-vehicle, like a cat-shaped bus, a dolphin-submarine, or a dinosaur-plane.  You can also use plants or insects.

Drawing sound!

Can you draw or paint a sound?  What would it look like?  We will find creative ways to express sounds—like the wind, an explosion, jingling, and more—in a picture.


Making an original picture that looks like the Japanese board game "SUGOROKU."  You can use many different themes, like your daily life, the New Year's holiday, a favorite hobby or sport, or anything else.


Making a picture showing what type of job you would want to do in the future.  You can even create an original job that no has imagined

Design an original emblem.

Your emblem can represent many different things,
such as a family crest, an emblem for your favorite sports team, your neighborhood or home town, your favorite place like a zoo or park, a school club, and many more.
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