Art with written characters.

Use written characters—like Chinese characters, letters from the alphabet, or numbers—in your artwork.  The drawing can be all written characters, or combined with some usual subjects.

Map art.

Make a map of a place you choose, from a local neighborhood you know to a whole country or the world.  This is not just a usual map, but a map that is also art, so enjoy designing and making your art-map.

The investigator’s art.

Do an artwork based on close, careful observation, like you are looking at something through Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying glass.  Small things can be drawn close-up and big, showing the details people normally don’t see.

Circle, oval, or polygon picture.

Pictures don’t always have to be square.  Let’s trying doing a picture in one of these more unusual shapes, and see what effect this has on our drawing.

The picture of opposites.

Let’s express the subject of opposites in a picture, like hot and cold, day and night, up and down, hard and soft, smooth and rough, and the like.

A picture set.

Let’s make an artwork from two pictures that make a set.  The two drawings can go together to make a single picture.
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